The Wolves of Dor Maleer

Overheard at 4am Fighter needs F&%K badly

does a good stiff mace insertion count?

Where to go is the very first decision of the new day. The only constant is the mountains, shall they go to the great city of Korunda’s Gate or to the monastic temples of Onatar’s Fist, After a spirited discussion the decision is made that the best way to the tear in the world is to head to the great city , it is hoped that from there not only gear and provisions but information as well can be gathered. Next shall they take the main road or stick to the less traveled smaller trails. Another spirited debate later they decide to head down the main road up the mountains, even on a well used trail the ascent is hard. The mountain seems determined to wear them down like the famed smiths in Korunda the mountain batters them with harsh winds and unforgiving ground that beats at their legs and feet with each step. After walking for a full day they see a small roadside lodge, It is run by a follower of the Wanderer a god not known to the group but seems not unlike Fharlanghn. The keeper politely goes about his business of maintaining the roadside inn free of charge only stopping twice to talk to Presto and then to Rabbit. While resting each member of the party has a dream more vivid than they have ever had before. The dream is strange because each of them is in the dream but they are not themselves, and they are arguing with others they know but don’t know about a man named Geru and his involvement or lack thereof in the theft of the Titan Hammer from the Lord of the Long Keep. None of this means anything to them, the following morning they discover how the old dwarf manages to keep the place provided for, the dwarves trade provisions for his work as a book binder and restorer. They continue into the mountains when they are ambushed by a group of mountain loris dirty creatures with a deadly toxic bite. The battle is fierce and many are bitten but only Venerick comes close to succumbing to the poison. After the battle they rest and heal, pushing on they continue the climb until at last another roadside inn. This one however could not be more different than the last, it is loud and boisterous and it’s services are most decidedly not free. Again the night is plagued by dreams of these people who are them but not them. One 4am wake up call later and they are on their way to Korunda’s Gate. The gate is a massive city and the party separates each seeking what they feel they will need for the journey into the tear. With the preparations in order, on the 2nd day they set off for the tear. The journey to the tear is uneventful but the door to the Ruins of Nordrunhold give dire warnings of what lie beyond. The door is locked but they get it open and proceed into the cursed area left to ruin by the dwarves of the area. Beyond the door is a room filled with undead dwarves. The battle is over quickly and as they recover from their wounds the world distorts and spins wildly before they know it the Quori finally reveal their plan, They find themselves inhabiting the bodies of a group of giants from the long forgotten kingdom of Xen’drik 40000 years in the past. The very group that went after Geru, but if the legends are true because of him the Quori were able to invade the first time. Why send them here, why send them to this time there must be a plan and whatever it is they must not let the Quori succeed. What changes will be wrought by their actions or lack there of it seems even time is not immune from the tampering of the masters of dreams. Whatever the game is the stakes have just gone way up…..what will they return to if they fail here, what indeed.


ROFL, well we all knew 4am would make its way to the title of this weeks session. As always great time and cannot wait for the next session!!


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