The Wolves of Dor Maleer

Saying Goodbye.

When darkness reaches into you, you cannot resist for long

Tonight the party is dealt a pair of blows they may not recover from for quite some time. The moral compass (Dredarious) and the soul (Minarik) of the party fall in battle never to rise. With the paladin and bard dying in battle against 3 major casters the party sits stunned it all started so well. First a battle against a ninja followed by a battle against 4 ogre mages that use symbiote magic then immediately going to battle against 3 major league casters directed by a Dream Master. Although they quickly run into new comrades a monk/psychic warrior and a sorcerer. As nice as it is to have these new people they miss their friends. During all of this they learn that Nar Trig has attacked the south tower and is even now striking deep in the prison. As the battle rages through out they must move with caution or they could be attacked by friend and foe alike. The stakes have now been raised and the dark of the Quori is reaching out to end this resistance once and for all. How long can this new band keep the Quori at bay. With Venerick merging with the Elemental within the sword will he be the same man, the fear is no for already he has turned to chaos the ones that knew him best wonder how long will it be before he changes so much that he can no longer be trusted. Meanwhile “rabbit” also dons a piece of possessed equipment perhaps in hopes of also joining with an elemental. tbc…



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