The Wolves of Dor Maleer

That is just fighting dirty

Curses foiled long do these things last anyway?

The reunion does not go smooth. To say suddenly re-emerging from a rip in time from being a giant to back to your own consciousness is hard enough to grasp but to then be confronted by 2 of your own that were slain….that is a whole different level of awkward. Some (“Rabbit”) take things better than others (Venerick Hilts) but on the whole they all agree it will be good to travel together once more. Nar Trig leaves knowing that Dred and Min will investigate the rift that is affecting “The Shroud” as he calls it. The maze takes them in many directions and there are strange markings all over the place but Minarik Ironwine reminds them why “Bards are awesome” . He deciphers the marks, using the new knowledge the party will be aware of dangers that were encountered by whoever left the marks so long ago. These help them avoid a well defended area which contained 5 giants working at a mysterious machine with a giant bellows. “Rabbit” notices that the giants may be infected with some creature as one of them has a reptilian tail coming from under its arm but its point of origin is inside the arm not under it. while back-tracking from the dead end they run into a patrol of half-living mercenaries known to both Min and Dreddarious as “The Lords of Dust”. The battle last longer than any would like and although the Party is victorious the cost of the win is high both Venerick Hilts and Minarik Ironwine are cursed, and with no real definite means to remove it they will have 2 members hampered magically for quite some time should an appeal to Pholtus to intervene fail. They also find a sarcophagus buried in the floor. After rigging a pulley system using one of Ven’s hidden talents they manage to lift it and Rabbit is nearly killed by it’s wards. The magic coming from it is intense and the box inside is the most ornate woodwork they have ever seen. There is a message inside that reads “- And from the deeps there arose a mighty beast of many eyes and many limbs and the beast from the darkness did set upon the light of the world with hateful thirst and unnatural hunger- The Scissor I Maorok The Frost Blooded do entomb for the next time it is needed as we all agreed it is what should be done. I fulfill my promise, may those I saw use this rightly” The sword is gone but there is one item left inside the case that is only found due to Rabbit’s insistence to search the interior of the case. A massive scroll the spell it contains will return the sword to it’s proper size. It is decided to copy the spell and destroy the original, then they move on down more labyrinthian hallways finally ending at a door with no handle. Before they can decide what shall be done about this new obstacle the now familiar feeling of vertigo takes hold of them and they black out. they are getting ever closer to the center of the maze but how will the end play out. Now that Min and Dredd are back but part of Nar trigs forces who do they serve are they themselves or is there more to this than anybody can guess at. Time is quickly running out and they better know the answers to make the right choices because soon it will be time and how they decide could change the course of things in the Past,Present and Future. we can only hope they make the right one. For all our sakes



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