The Wolves of Dor Maleer

The Crucible entered

Did That really just happen or are we dreaming?

They find themselves back ,back in the time they know but something eats at the back of their minds, a hazy distant echo of a memory. They have been here before or at least that is the way it seems. The Crucible , the great maze of legend. Built by drow and elven slaves for their giant overlords the final resting place of the Titan Hammer. Now it is just a ruin that exists in the holdings of an ancient dwarven kingdom. A cursed land that none have been able to tame. Not a soul has been able to fathom why it is so. This is the way to the tear in the world , the way to the Hammer ,the focus of the Quori efforts. And this is where they must go, the start of it all the location of the first betrayal of the prime plane. It is hard to walk in the footsteps of giants and even harder when the very battles they fought leave a shadow that even time seems incapable of erasing. The bones of the ancient dead rise again to stop them, and worse than that is the fact that as they proceed the past is trying to force its way back into this reality. There is no stopping the rips that seem to desperately want to be back in the now. Each tear brings the past back for a moment and they are getting stronger. As the past washes over those unfortunate enough to succumb to them they return unnaturally aged , but they are witness to events from a new perspective. Most of their time in the crucible this night is spent retracing as best as they can remember the footsteps of their “other” selves but in a maze built for giants even going down a hall takes time. It will not be easy to go through this place for the magic that lingers is so ancient none in this era know how it works, the simplest of spells are deadly and more dangerous than modern magic. Many times during the night they are beset by time disruptions involving Geru himself clad in the trappings of a druid he attacks with minions from past be them undead remnants of a battle fought 40,000 years ago or beings from that time brought into the present. Both fights are hard but most importantly both fights are won by our heroes. but even as they rest and ready themselves for the next room it happens again. That feeling of vertigo as they are unceremoniously ripped from the bodies they posses and inserted back into the bodies of the 5 Giants sent to stop Geru and retrieve the Titan Hammer. How much will they remember now that they are back in the time of Giants and will that knowledge help them or hinder them. Time will tell but as our heroes are starting to learn Time is not as set as we would like to believe and what they do in both times matters. Which timeline will emerge as dominant, what will our heroes change during this trip to the past. But the single biggest question what do the Quori gain from any of this?



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