The Wolves of Dor Maleer

The limb taker cometh

Watch out the barbarian is taking legs at the hip

There before the giants lay the doorway to the crucible. The massive hall beyond the great ornate door is riddled with elemental traps and pits that open and close. they manage to cross the hall of traps and only a few of them are hit by the blasts of elemental force. The next obstacle are living 22’ tall iron statues armed with elemental shields and weapons. The Cleric sends one to the plane of water and the rest are defeated during a massive combat that leaves the room heavily damaged. The Battle is not the worst they have had, perhaps Geru has run out of defenses, or perhaps he is saving them for the final battle. Beyond the next door is their worst nightmare given form, 8 old dragons 2 large white, 2 large blue, 2 large green and 2 large red, beyond them are 4 colossal ancient Wyrms 1 Blue , 1 White, 1 Green, and 1 Red. The battle is epic the Barbarian uses the vorpal axe to it’s deadliest effect. A dark and grim harvest of limbs is claimed by its gore slicked blade, all fight with fierce determination. Many almost fall to the dragons relentless assault of breath weapons , claws , wings , teeth, and the shock strikes of their mighty tails they kill the first wave and are instantly attacked by the 4 massive Wyrms. Their power is incredible they wield magic as well as the rest of the formidable attacks of the younger dragons. The Fighter and Barbarian fight with great strength magic is used to great effect the cleric is forced to overuse the censer to keep them in the fight. The strain on the censer is great and it appears ready to crack in half but they finally manage to slay the last of the dragons. It has taken it’s toll on all of them but this is not to be the last battle beyond the next door is a stair that leads to a massive 2 headed iron golem , it has 2 massive swords and it breathes a gas that paralyzes any it touches. The vorpal axe can not help them and many are turned to stone. Once again magic is needed to keep them going, at long last the party lays it low. It is a great battle but still not the last of the night , that honor falls to the great 2 Headed Demon Prince Demogorgon demogorgon.jpg his merest touch causes disease his gaze can hypnotize or drive mad and his tail lash can strip away experience as easily as it does flesh. The battle is as fierce is the others the great demon prince attacks often and without pause he drives many mad and claims some with his other gaze. He gates in a balor to fight by his side he strips the barbarian of 4 levels but as quick as he can deal his terrible damage their cleric is dealing with it but he is burning through his magic. The Demon prince is resisting all spells that strike him , even the great vorpal axe that has slain so many this night fails to do more than injure him but for a desperate spell from the cleric it may have won the day but with only a 5% chance of success the Cleric slays the great princes mortal aspect the balor fights on but also falls to the party. Before them lies the final doorway with what they have faced what in the realms could Geru have waiting for them? The end is coming but whose?



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