The Wolves of Dor Maleer

When The Hunters Become the Hunted

Rectum it damn near killed em!

After spending time in the storage area to heal and get ready they leave hoping to avoid the Titan and the Seamstress. The next room they find looks to have been hastily deserted. as they search the room they notice it once housed many magic items. All that remains are what seem to be mundane skill wands and rods. Minarik finds a secret passage and when he reveals it’s location to the group he is stabbed in the back by an unknown creature it breaks the blade off in his back and hides also Venerik and Jarinth’s wolf are assaulted by a song of grief and sorrow from an unknown source. They drive off their attackers but Minarik is near death and the wolf is lethargic. The decision is made to move on and they find another room they are attacked again this time much more directly with arrows and a vicious hammer. Again they drive off the attack. Each time they are tested each time it is a different method of attack, during this running battle they encounter another creation of the fleshsmith.
tumblr_m6eodfOXNl1qmg4b2o1_500.jpg It is poisonous and deadly fast but unlike the group that pursues them , it is alone. When it is slain Min finds a hidden cache of armor of bright lavender. It has a slight enchantment when struck it hardens to offer extra protection but at the cost of movement which it thirds. Finally they encounter the other group again, the result is every member of the party is downed. They awaken in a cell with other groups that had been sent by other councils. Finally it is revealed the Inspired are using the groups to be rid of Nar Trigg who is trying to oppose the inspired by keeping the portals closed. They manage to escape the cell and free the others but now they are in a prison in a pocket dimension fighting the Quori on their semi home turf. Things look bleak but they are free and they now know the truth. With the truth finally revealed the true battle can begin.



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