The Wolves of Dor Maleer

He Knows you throw that right..........

The Cleric of the healer is grateful for his freedom from the torture he was enduring. Despite his pain he answers the questions that he can and offers them a blessing of healing and he does his best to restore Minarik Ironwine‘s eye. He then summons a bodyguard to help him escape and takes his leave wishing the party luck. As they leave they come to the next door beyond it Jarinth hears the sounds of torture only part of it is in a language he understands. By the time they enter the room all that is left are limbs bolted to the floor and wet crunching sounds coming from a small room just to the east of the entrance. Dredarious Waridon leads the party into the next hallway for a brief moment at the edge of his vision he sees the headsman from the dark court and upon the breeze at his ear he hears an ominous threat against Venerick Hilts and as soon as he appears he is gone. As distressing as it is they must push on as they move down the corridor they are set upon by a living spell it attacks and in a stunning move the bard charges with the 2 melee specialists only he decides to jam a xen’drik boomerang into the thing and critically hit and kill it. Beyond the next door is a room with strange tiles 2 of each tile are in the room and each tile has a different thing either in it or written on it the one directly before them is the first problem they must solve it will dismiss the Paladin. Jarinth does his best to alter it to something harmless and it appears that he succeeds for no dismissal occurs although something does happen but the party knows not what occurred. The next door is locked and as they are examining the tiles they hear someone say fuck it and a click followed by the emergence of a spell turret every 6 seconds it fires a spell across the room first rust ray followed by lightning bolt, burning hands and finally disintegrate then it resets for 6 seconds and goes through the spells again. They get by it with precise timing and spell use but waiting for them is a member of the marrow they are one of the lowest of the order known as the marrow of the fingers .corse.jpg

It is dispatched but not before it can injure many party members, the area beyond its corpse comes to a t in the hall one way leads to a sweet smell the other intense cold they go towards the heat and find a cauldron and troughs in the floor and the room radiates intense heat not wishing to deal with the area without knowing what is down the other hall they check out the intense cold. It turns out to be as bad as the heat massive coils of super freezing air are capable of drawing the very heat from their bodies and far worse is the golem that is emerging from it. First believed to be some form of stone it turns out to be raw sugar and it is capable of encasing things in molten sugar CrystalGolem.jpg

It is a costly battle that includes a rare failed song from Minarik

but once more the party triumphs. They go on to learn of how these poor creatures are made living hosts bound inside heated and heavily magicked sugar then brought to the cooling area and left to solidify for future use. The molds are massive and iron and the party doubts they can damage them but the room beyond is a small storage area filled with many liquids from all around the kingdom some beneficial some vile it is decided to stock up on potions and rest in this room which will be easy to defend should the need arise. They are now lost in this underground complex and worse the 3rd council is calling again. What could they want now it hasn’t even been a day since they last spoke.



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