The Wolves of Dor Maleer

Only the truly Brave eat the Boars apple

And we are back to the log. My apologies for missing some but time is not my friend sometimes. Ok back to it. We pick up with our new band adventuring deeper into the keep in the pocket dimension, along with several other groups. The search reveals a hall of light which reacts to anything in the hall. The group makes the decision not to go down the hall for rear of what it may do to them. Onward to the House of Sabers. Upon opening the door they find the room is filled with crates going to Dor Maleer and barrels going to the Eldeen Reaches. The crates are filled with a RNA retrovirus bio-toxin called the Yellow Death and “Rabbit” has touched it, swiftly the plague rushes into her body and she is nearly killed by it. The after effects are terrible but she will survive. Another decision, this time to leave the room and try to find a way to the Northwest tower and then come back to destroy the crates is made after much discussion. The only way out of the room is a manual lift. After climbing in they go down, but Saven notices that they seem to pass by a floor so they go back and investigate. During the investigation Presto triggers a trap and they are nearly all killed as flaming oil fills the shaft. With everyone on the brink of death they are surprised to awaken in a room with a well dressed man who is not one of the inspired waiting for them to awaken. Upon regaining consciousness He introduces himself as Baron Helian GofflesbyThe_Baron.jpg The Banners he flies are a shield with a broken anvil within, he asks a few questions and then after receiving no answers he leaves. A few moments later they follow and find themselves in a small house on a farm, the room they were in could not be part of this house and upon checking they find the door they came through does not lead back to the room. They Now Find themselves a world away from Sarlona. Now in the Mror Holds the mountainous home of the great Dwarven Clans they must discover what is happening and where do they go from here. Before they can do any of that however it appears that someone wants them out of the way as mercenaries attack. During the fight the town militia comes to their aid. Can they complete the quest to secure the portals and resist the quori and why have they not been killed outright each time they were defeated. What new perils exist on this new land and what is the tear in the earth they have heard about. Is it really a portal or something far worse. It is almost time for the last piece to fall into place and then the game moves into it’s next stage, but is it it’s FINAL stage?



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