The Wolves of Dor Maleer

So what did you say to make them this angry....

As they rest in the room of alchemical reagents Jarinth notices that the bottles have a secret code on them, Minarick using magical help translates the writing. It is in Aether the secret language of the undead. Also discovered in the room is a flat stone with the mark of Khyber the dragon below. It has latent magic on it that when activated casts a message on the far wall “Speak of the Dead to Enter Khyber’s Lair.” Not only is this cryptic message discovered but they also learn that the bottles of reagents should have 34 more bottles than are present i the room and they are all labeled in Aether, marked with either a number or a name or warning. The numbers seem to be usage labels such as use first second etc. but much is being guessed at. Having exhausted all options even hurried prayers to their respective gods they reluctantly leave and open the door directly across from them beyond is a hall filled with coin sized studs that leave no area of the floor uncovered. With his first step Dredarious Waridon trips a arc flash trap that vaporizes his right foot. With the paladin maimed Venerick Hilts takes the lead and gets 10’ farther before he triggers a similar trap that removes his left foot. 20’ of hall 2 maimed party members things are looking quite grim. The wounds are treated as best as possible and pegs are attached to allow movement and they press on. After triggering the final arc trap they find themselves confronted with a pit trap followed by a suspension bridge with bells on its underside they make it across and don’t fall prey to the trap that is the entire ceiling one missed shot against the bats that the bells call would unleash tons of water to wash them from the bridge to their deaths. beyond is a room with four chests and an armored figure with a strange symbol dreaming_dark_symbol.jpg They will learn it is an agent of the dreaming dark an agent of the Quori. He radiates evil his armor radiates not only evil but malice and hatred.th_5.jpg a brutal fight ensues but he is eventually defeated. Ven and Dred can’t even approach the armor left behind as the corpse itself becomes a dark malevolent cloud that seeps into the cracks of the ceiling. They loot the chests the final one is rigged to destroy its contents if any but its own key is used they manage to open it and get the precious restoration creams inside. Restored and renewed they continue. Beyond is a room of torture an half-living is being tortured by 3 more members of the dreaming dark. They defeat them after another brutal fight. They talk to the council and get confirmation of some questions but only after much denial. During the call however they meet a “Reforged” a flamboyant warforged devoid of it’s heavy armor but loaded with personality perhaps too much personality but he gives them valuable intel on what is going on since they have been away. The info is as follows:

  1. Lighting Rails shut down from an attack by The Huluud
  2. The Broken Children attack and capture a skyship for possible reverse engineering.
  3. large military force sent to Dor Maleer to search for a Dream Merchant in the area
    he then sends them a scroll through the link and makes a hasty retreat.
    the room beyond has 4 drum locks and only a partial floor as they solve the puzzle they are attacked by some dark cloud being in the shape of a humanoid it attempts a possession of Rabbit but fails th__1_.jpg enraged it tries for Jarinth and fails again it then attempts to kill them by triggering the floor traps but even that fails. it leaves and the party overcomes the trap to move on to the final encounter of the night. A showdown between 2 Fragments ,2 Marrow and The Flayed. the battle is the most brutal combat they have had yet nearly killing several members of the group and nearly leaving Dredarious blind. What were they guarding? What is going on with the inspired? Who are the Dreaming Dark? Who are the Lords of Dust they have learned about? Finally who is this new Reforged? Much has been uncovered but so much more remains a mystery? With the fights getting harder can they keep going without any help from the council? If they do ask for help can they trust anyone the council sends?



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