The Wolves of Dor Maleer

Did someone say Demon Lord

you are one ugly Mother......

As they arrive back in the time of the giants they remember the summoning circle in the room The Illusionist tries to decipher it’s secrets and for his troubles he has all his magic items disenchanted. Although that is a bad break it has bought them the knowledge that the circle was used to summon 2 things 1 recent 1 not so recently the older of the 2 was to the infernal planes, the more recent was to the plane of dreams the home of the Quori. With that hard won knowledge they press on, the very next door is cold wrought iron with wards to keep the demon lord Kostchtchiealumni_kostchtchie_fc1.jpg Knowing he enslaves Frost Giants the Barbarian and Mage {both of whom are Frost Giants } decide that he must be driven back to his own plane. In an epic confrontation they finally manage to lay low the Demon Lord. The spoils go to the victors and they are rich indeed in both coin and magic items. The night however is still young and they are eager to end this, to end the madness tearing time apart at the seams. They follow the halls down to a set of stairs and head down and then follow the intersection to the left which leads to a massive cavern , a cavern they had seen before. The ancient White Dragon known as Chasafal “Aussir Litrix” or Chasafal “the White Armor” he is Colossal in size and and one of the most powerful of his race. They face the dragon with the same steely resolve they showed against it’s rider. The beast gives them the fight of their lives but in the end they stand triumphant atop it’s lifeless body, which they begin to take trophies from. They are now in possession of a dragons hoard which they mark and leave to be divided at the conclusion of the task at hand. The recovery of the Hammer and they defeat of the man responsible. Just as they get ready to resume they feel the now very familiar feeling of vertigo and they feel the rush of entering back to their proper bodies but for 1 day in a past they never knew these 5 were legendary , Slayers of a Demon Lord and his Ancient Colossal Dragon Mount. Perhaps the tide is finally turning but even if it isn’t this is a big win the kind of thing that stays with you for the rest of your life or in this case lives.



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