The Wolves of Dor Maleer

Seriously you throw those, THROW.........I don't think he gets it

maybe he should switch professions or something

By now getting thrust forwards then back in time is becoming commonplace. Memories are becoming clearer the haze is lifting ,most importantly they are identifying with who they are in both times. Information is being recalled but not perfectly, Minarik Ironwine and his bard’s knack for knowing scraps of information are helpful and they uncover the name Heltan. As the story goes Heltan a descendant of Geru’s has been working to avenge the death of Geru. It appears he has taken hold of the crucible to retrieve the Weapons of the Moon ,ancient artifacts of great power protected by the druids. Why he wants them is anybody’s guess, it appears as though he already has one of them as far as the party knows he could have them all. If that were the only issue it would be problem enough but much to their dismay they make a much more alarming discovery Kostchtchie is attempting to return to the place where he was defeated to exact bloody vengeance on the group that laid him low. The great demon lord hits Venerick Hilts with a glancing blow that nearly kills him but he cannot manifest fully enough to follow up on his attack. His form fades back to the maelstrom of chaos from which it formed. Left behind is a summoning circle surrounded by powerful demonic glyphs. “Rabbit” attemts to decipher them and is nearly driven mad for the effort. The party manages to calm her and they move on, the crucible is not done testing them this night. An area of thick soil floor that contains a chwidencha or legged horror an ambush predator is waiting but the party is on guard and through skill and a little luck they manage to drive the beast off before it can do more than annoy them. The next denizen of the maze is far more dangerous and is a guardian creature set to keep a cache of minor magic items safe, A stone construct shaped like a door attacks as they try and open it. Initially it has success as it turns Dredarious Waridon to stone with it’s petrification gas but they not only manage to save their friend but also defeat the guardian and loot the chest. Following the maze they end up in a grotesque review room with massive pillars made of calcified children’s remains being kept animated by Heltan to sing his praises. Also in the room is a great throne made from the bones of a great beast, upon entering the room Dredd decides that this profane torture of the weak and innocent must stop. He is engaged by a creature that forms from a sickly black smoke with red and green light pouring from it. It resembles a human in only the sense that it has 2 arms , 2 legs and a head. It attempts to bring the children to life to kill them but the paladin will not allow it he begins to pray to Pholtus for divine help. Not satisfied the creature animates the relief on the ceiling of a dragon with rider, it lands on the floor and begins belching sheets of stone. Pholtus answers the prayer and the false life that was animating everything is driven away but not before everyone is struck by the beast’s breath weapon. The paladin’s prayer also gives them a case that contains 5 healing potions a day that replenish at dawn they must be used immediately after being taken out or they fade away. The room is searched and a secret door is found it leads down a set of stairs where the first confrontation with Heltan’s guards takes place. The guards are well armed and good with a blade it is a long battle that is hard fought by both sides, in the end The party stands triumphant over the slick wet bones of Heltan’s undead guard force. As they begin resting the feeling of vertigo seizes them as it has so many times now and the years begin to fall away in a dizzying rush to the past. The giant’s are nearing the center of the maze and a final showdown with Geru how close are the party to Heltan and what does he have to do with anything. Time will tell.



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