The Wolves of Dor Maleer

We're getting the band back together!

You look well for a dead guy

Much has transpired since we last spoke so I will fill you in on what you may have missed. Many battles were fought and not all without cost but that is the life of a group such as this. The Jumps between the far past and the present are confusing and even when in their own time shadows of what have been , will be , and even from other dimensions invade with more frequency. What do they mean. If anyone knows they are not saying. As of this moment what we know for sure is that the group has struck the first blow against the Quor and Daelkyr alliance. In a bid to alter the past the Daelkyr had sent an agent back through time disguised as a goblin shaman, rallying the tribes,telling them that the dragons long time allies of the giants could not be trusted. He was meant to provoke the goblins so when the Great Black Dragon approaches the goblins to teach them the magic that would turn them into the first druids they would reject it. With that accomplished the magic of closing planar rifts would be lost to all but the dragons. In the present the dragons keep to themselves so there would be no one to interfere with their plans to enter the portals into the prime material plane and slowly take over. But the giants our heroes inhabit did not take the bait, with this simple act the timeline was preserved. One of the hard lessons they have learned is the fact that the illusionist one of them inhabits is using magic that lingers for thousands of years. Every spell he casts is warped with some form of primitive intelligence granted by an unknown source, the crucible is not easy to get to even for giants. They are close now close to the end of the road the end game is set in motion soon all will be over the changes between the now and the far past. As they return to their own time they are shocked to be met by 2 familiar faces Dredarious and Minarik ………….How can this be they saw them die what does all this mean and where will the party go from here is anyones guess but one thing is for sure The rules just changed and both sides are betting that the next time they meet it will be the last time.



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